Our Three Gardens

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We haven’t posted much this month because we are both super-busy but we have been able to make some videos of our various garden projects. This is a tour of our three gardens between June 17, 2011 and July 12, 2011.

The Original Garden was inspired by the garden that Michelle Obama installed at the White House in 2009. That garden was tiny but we learned a lot and even got some fruit out of the deal. Today, the garden has expanded from a cramped, little oval into a properly spaced garden and a small plot of berry bushes.

The Keeper’s Garden is a collaboration between The CG Project and People Made Visible. St. Michael’s Church in West Chicago had some land that they wanted to put to use and Anni and Sara at PMV suggested a community garden. After a few weeks of ground moving and brick lifting, The Keeper’s Garden was born. This wouldn’t have been possible without our first founding members, Nick Fuller and Maureen Navadomskis, as well as our trusty volunteers, Chris Kozlowski and Amy Fowler.

The Mumford Garden is what we call our plot at the Hoffman Estates Community Garden. We rent one of the 20 plots that they offer on the north part of town, next to the fire station. We’d been driving past the garden of years and this year we finally reserved a plot by waking up early and waiting to get through on the phone, ticketmaster-style. It was worth the wait though, we’re learning a lot.

I hope you enjoy the videos. Feel free to let us know what we’re doing wrong and what, if anything, we’re doing right. Also, send us some pics and videos from your own gardens.

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