Oscillating Reciprocity at McLean County Arts Center

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Diana looks over the statement for the show, which was written by co-curator Robert Fifield.

October was a busy month for Diana. Aside from the usual grind and her open studio, she was given the opportunity to participate in a group show called Array/DisArray in Bloomington, IL, thanks to friend and fellow artist, Robert Fifield. He co-curated the show that featured her along with fellow installation artists, Benjamin DeMott and Katie Hinton. It was Diana’s first show in the area since she’d graduated from Illinois State in 2007, so she started planning the installation long in advance.

Diana’s schedule only allowed about 3 days of working in the space so she made a few mock-ups in the weeks leading up to the install date in order to work out some of the kinks that would inevitably crop up. By the time she left for Bloomington, the only big decision for her to make was what colors to use…

For those that don’t know her personally, I’ll just say that Diana doesn’t take this choice lightly. I was surprised to see her use such subdued colors this time around. The mock-ups that she made had the vibrant colors that I’m used to seeing from her but something about the room must have called for something more subtle.

By the time I showed up, she was well on her way to finishing the piece but time was running out so we worked all the way through the night until the piece was finished. Working on the piece with her was a treat because I enjoy work that takes on a rhythmic nature and the process of cutting, tying and passing the string began to feel like clockwork at times. Of course, those were sometimes followed by times that we’d have to backtrack to fix a small mistake.

The final piece came together beautifully and Diana’s old friends and colleagues had kind things to say about the work and how the three installations played off of each other. All 3 artists deal with lines but each piece has a unique approach the makes for a variety of experiences.

You can see photos of the full installation at Diana’s Website and prints of the photos from this post are available though our store at Catch Photo

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