Geometrically Speaking II

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I first met Angela Bryant around 2009 because of an open studio event at the Splat Flats (now called Space Division.) I wasn’t there but my studio mate gave Angela my information, which allowed us to come in contact. It took us a while to get together and talk about a group show she had been planning for a while. After we invited her out for a studio visit/picnic, we talked about her idea for a show called Geometrically Speaking and she thought I’d be a good addition to the line up.

Geometrically Speaking was a group show that took place in a Pop-Up Gallery in downtown Chicago. Abryant Gallery brought together an impressive line up of artists like Jamie Lynn Henderson, Edmund Chia, Zachary Mory and a few others. Even though these artists use a wide variety of media, different scales and concepts, their work all comes together through the use of geometric language.

This show provided me with an opportunity to do an installation called Rooting Systems, which was a new avenue for me at the time. It also allowed me to show some drawings and paintings I’d been wanting to share with people.

Rooting System at Geometrically Speaking

Earlier this year, while doing a studio visit with Angela for a show at Morton College, we talked about Geometrically Speaking II. She thought the first show was a success and wanted to do a new one with new artists she’s discovered since the first one. I had been working on a series of small paintings and drawings, which very different from the work I had previously made, but as soon as she saw them she wanted to include in the new show.

Geometrically Speaking II will host work from artists such as Jerome Acks, Robert Burnier, Tom Burtonwood, Diana P. Gabriel, Brittney Hudgins, Sam Jaffe, Jeffrey Cote de Luna, Dominic Paul Moore, Nora Maite Nieves, Kristina Paabus, Melody Saraniti, and Rachel Smith.

It opens on Thursday, November 17th from 6 -8 pm at River Bank Lofts 550 North Kingsbury Street. Chicago, IL 60654.

See you there!

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