GeoSpeak II Opening Reception

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The opening reception for Geometrically Speaking II happened last month and turnout was great. Angela Bryant of Abryant Gallery curated an eclectic show with about a dozen artists that use lines and shapes to drive their work. Fabric and patterns were also prevalent throughout the selections which were a mix of drawings, paintings, photos, mixed-media pieces and sculpture. Guitarist and singer, Petras brightened up the room with the help of Graham Nelson on harmonica.

The venue was unique in that the show will hang in the lobby of an upscale apartment building on Chicago’s near north side through February. This means that residents and their guests will be exposed the to work of these emerging artists throughout the holiday season, unless they’re able to fly south for the winter.

Friends like April Mac and Dustin Creech came out to show support. We were also graced with the presence of the Hill Sisters, Sara and Naomi; as well as Dimitri Moore.

One thought on “GeoSpeak II Opening Reception

    […] this year. However, I had seen his work before in a show I also happened to be a part of called, Geometrically Speaking II, curated by Angela Bryant.  I love geometry and the repetitive mark so I connected with his work […]

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