Apparitions and Constructions Opens May 5th.

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Apparitions and Constructions opens at The Bridgeport Art Center on May 5th at 7 pm. This is an invitational showcase curated by Lelde Kalmite, a resident artist at the Bridgeport Art Center studios.

The show centers around the theme of man and the environment. The destruction and interaction with our environment is finally catching up to us. We’re witnessing the changes in weather and climate patters, along with the natural disasters that seem to increase every year.

I’ve become more aware of my carbon foot print and what I put in my body since we started gardening. It’s a slow process and it will probably will be a life style that’s been hard to get used to but we are past the point of no return. Similarly, the planet’s not in good shape and it is up to us to stand up and make a change. This show gave me an opportunity to pay homage to a force that is larger and much more powerful myself. Nature.

My piece will be an installation made specifically for this show. It was inspired by a near-drowning experience I had while I was swimming in the Caribbean Sea at the age of 9. While struggling for my life there was a moment where I had no choice but to stop struggling and start admiring the much larger force that controlled my life in those few minutes. This experience of life and survival was one of the scariest and most beautiful moments in my life.

This four person show will be up from May 5th to June 3rd. The exhibiting artists are Alan Leder, Rita Grendze, Lelde Kalmite, and Diana Gabriel.

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    The Contreras-Gabriel Project responded:
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