Treehouse 342 Prints

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After a long wait, we’re ready to share photos of the installation that Diana made at The Treehouse Gallery in Arlington Heights, IL. This show was a big deal for a few reasons. First, there aren’t many exhibition opportunities for contemporary art in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Second, Diana was happy to be part of his project because her former student, Brian Selke, is the curator of the emerging gallery. Lastly, it was a chance for our friends and family to come out to a show without driving into the city.

Another thing that we were really excited about was documenting the installation using long-exposure photography. Long-exposure is a process where the camera collects small amounts of light over extended periods of time. It creates a more natural interpretation of a dark space than taking a photo with a flash. Here is an example of some long-exposure shots that an astronaut, Don Pettit, took at around the same time of Diana’s installation.

Below a few some shots that we took of the installation under the backlights at night. There are many more available for purchase at our online photography gallery, Catch Photography at modest prices. Use the coupon code: CATCHY for a 15% discount.

2 thoughts on “Treehouse 342 Prints

    […] went off to make new pieces right after that show. I hope you’ve all seen the photos from Diana’s Treehouse installation. Well there’s a direct resemblance between her installation and a sculpture that Rita and her […]

    Happy New Baktun! | thecontrerasgabrielproject said:
    December 21, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    […] show at the Bridgeport Arts Center with Rita Grendze and co-curators; Alan Leder and Lelde Kalmite. 342 was a solo show that was curated by Brian Selke of Best Friends Gallery (formerly Treehouse […]

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