La Buena Espalda

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Edna Oliveros in New York City

La Buena Espalda (The Good Back) is The CG Project’s next big undertaking. The name comes from a Colombian saying for people that constantly have long lines behind them, the idea being that their backs are so nice that people line up just to look at them. Edna Oliveros’ posted this photo on her wall this week and it quickly prompted an example how it’s used.

Edna moved to New York City a few years ago to study broadcast journalism. She’s been developing a reel and getting gigs in sports journalism since graduating from Long Island University. We were thrilled to watch an interview with Mark Sanchez that she helped produce a few months ago and happy that she found work this Summer in the little league baseball circuit. Edna is an example of someone that we stand behind because of her hard work and determination to work in media.

We hope that you’ll stand behind us as we continue growing by joining La Buena Espalda, if you haven’t already. We’re happy to announce that two local businesses joined La Buena Espalda as sponsors.

Mimi’s Garden is a local business, owned by Amy Fowler, that specializes in homemade dog treats and gardening stuff.

Sweet Pup-Tato Treats by Mimi’s Garden

Osito is a huge fan of her dried sweet potatoes, carrots and other fun treats. Amy’s also developing a line of treats for dogs with food allergies. Her business is based out of Crystal Lake, so she’s agreed to host The CG Jubilee! Her products made it to shelves for the first time this year, thanks to our next sponsor.

Seasons Produce and Specialty Market is a family business with locations in Bartlett and South Barrington. We started shopping with them a few Summers ago, when we decided fruit was a better late night snack than chocolate. They’re always friendly and excited about promoting locally made products, including honey, bread, apple cider donuts and Mimi’s Sit Snacks. Seasons has agreed to donate fresh fruits and veggies for our BBQ this Saturday!

Also, look for Mario’s photography to start showing up on their newsletter, which includes crazy-low prices on select products each week.

3 thoughts on “La Buena Espalda

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    Thank You, Thank You | thecontrerasgabrielproject said:
    January 28, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    […] the Table, was made possible by a great group of Artists, Friends and Family that we refer to as La Buena Espalda. This opportunity came out of the blue and many of you supported us through Our Crowdfunding Campaign […]

    […] inaugural class and hope that some of my friends and collaborators will slide in behind me in true Buena Espalda […]

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