Vannin’ Documentary!

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Hot off the press! Our friends at Little Cabin Films have a new documentary in the works called Vannin’! Long-time friends, Nick Nummerdor and Andrew Morgan, unveiled their new film company with Hot Rod Hearts, an homage to beach movies and classic car culture. Their next big project, set to release in 2013, dives deeper into recesses of car culture to a group of outcasts that love custom vans from the 1970s.

So what was and is vannin all about?  In July of 2012, we set out to answer that question.  Our film is comprised of footage taken over the course of 6 days at the 40th National Truck-In (known as the Van Nationals) in Elkhorn, WI.  We lived out of our own vans and filmed the many colorful characters that inhabit the world of vannin’.  We learned about the history, the parties, the vans and, ultimately, the family that vanning has become.  

Stay tuned and keep on truckin’
-Andrew Morgan

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    […] mentioned Vannin’ and Little Cabin Films back in November. Nick Nummerdor, producer/director, was also a donor to our Kickstarter campaign […]

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