First on the Dance Floor

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We’ve been a little quiet lately and for good reason. Diana’s working on a sculpture called Under the Table for later this month. It’s her most ambitious project to date and we’ve been plugging away at it for some time now.

We started a Kickstarter campaign this week that has exceeded our expectations. All the support from friends and fellow artists fills our souls for each new day in the studio. We’ll be rolling out these thank you videos throughout the month. These four are extra special because they were the first to step on the dance floor… The first contribution is always the hardest and these four couples didn’t hesitate to give a fellow artist a hand.

Arlen Parsa and Tiffany Wilson, our comrades in the food resistance, were kind enough to contribute to the campaign before Diana even got off the plane from her visit with family in Colombia. It was very pleasant surprise for her arrival to Chicago! Before we knew it, Karli Nelson and Nick Nummerdor, of Little Cabin Films, lent a hand. They’re also part of an amazing network of documentary filmmakers in Chicago. Their spreading roots in  Humboldt Park along with another path-forging, power-couple, Anu Rana and B Rich. One is an official Columbia mentor of Mario’s the other someone he just follows cause she kicks ass. They’re documentary, Preserves, screened along with Mario’s over a year ago and they’ve gone on to earn a grant from Chicago Filmmakers to further develop the project… Our heroes!

Dimitri and Naomi Moore are the last couple in this batch of thank yous. Our favorite newlyweds left Chicago for San Francisco but their hearts stayed here. Watch out for these two. Dimitri’s DWM Producing is a force to be reckoned with and you’ll hear good things from him in the near future… Meet in a Public Place, is a short comedy that he brought together. You won’t want to miss it.

To these four supporters, we want to thank you for being the First on the Dance Floor!

4 thoughts on “First on the Dance Floor

    […] a way for artists to finance ideas with the help of friends, family and strangers on the internet. Diana used Kickstarter to fill a gap in her budget earlier this year but there are a variety of other platforms like Rocketdog and IndieGoGo that people use to raise […]

    Thank Yous | thecontrerasgabrielproject said:
    March 15, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    […] is Mario’s favorite round of thank yous for people who helped Diana with the Under the Table Kickstarter Campaign! We were rolling out ink for the commemorative prints that we’re giving out as rewards and […]

    […] Vannin’ and Little Cabin Films back in November. Nick Nummerdor, producer/director, was also a donor to our Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. He’s frequently an early Backer of crowdfunding campaigns, making sure others don’t see […]

    […] a collaborative effort that Dimitri William Moore brought together before leaving for San Francisco. Here’s the first mention of it on CG. He brought me onboard after he and Jennifer Peepas brought the script to life with actors Pamela […]

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