A Special Message From Mimi’s Garden

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Amy Fowler of Mimi’s Garden came out to lend a hand with Diana’s sculpture, so we let her be the voice for our second thank you video. This time around, we’re thanking some old friends from Illinois State University, someone from the Harper College Art Community and a new collaborator.

Lori McAuliffe Niemtschk and Pam Shahtaji were undergrads at ISU when Diana was in grad school. Pam, aka The Precious, was one of Diana’s besties until she decided to pack up her wagon and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she takes awesome nature photos and lives a life that make us want to move out there. Lori is one of the original supporters of The CG Project. She was the first curator to invite Diana and I to show our work together at A Night at the Elms in August of 2009. We’re super-excited that Lori’s daughter was cast in a feature film called Joe, starring Nicolas Cage!

Glen Reeser, one of our most generous donors, is a regular in the art scene here at Harper College in Palatine, IL. He’s a friendly ceramicist that grills a mean piece of chicken and maintains a distinguished mustache.

Adora Wilson-Eye is the producer of The Big Idea Show. The science-based web series that uses, documentary, animation and stock footage to explore themes like growth, waves and extinction. Mario’s one of the shooters for the series! You’ll hear plenty more about it in 2013!

One thought on “A Special Message From Mimi’s Garden

    We Are the Soil! | thecontrerasgabrielproject said:
    April 5, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    […] Spring is here! Our seedlings are off to a great start this year and there are plenty of events geared towards getting people excited about gardening. There’s an organic gardening workshop in at the Keepers Garden in West Chicago tomorrow and a gardening workshop for city folk at Design Cloud called Root Therapy. Before going deeper into the details, here’s a TED talk from Ron Finley, a Guerilla Gardener from South Central L.A. to get you in the right mindset. It came to us via Lori McAuliffe Niemtschk. […]

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