Osito at Design Cloud!

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No one was ready for the bundle of cuteness that we brought with us to Design Cloud when Diana installed her piece for Rooted, Grounded. Everyone working there had to stop and watch whenever he got into it with the resident dog, Bigsby. They didn’t break anything or get into real trouble but that kind of distraction isn’t good for business. It sure is cute though.

The track for this video is an earlier draft of the one Matthew King composed for Under the Table. The spontaneity of his performance mirrors Diana’s process in making this piece. Coming off a rigorous collaborative undertaking the previous month, she didn’t have as much time to plan the Design Cloud piece as she normally would. Matthew, on the other hand, took this sketch and fleshed it out with other musicians to make a more complete score. In both cases, the more organic work made it into this playful little video and the more structured work made it into the larger video.

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