Cultivating Generosity: Vannin’

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I mentioned Vannin’ and Little Cabin Films back in November. Nick Nummerdor, producer/director, was also a donor to our Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. He’s frequently an early Backer of crowdfunding campaigns, making sure others don’t see a big, fat goose-egg when they land on our page. His good karma paid off when he launched the Vannin’ Kickstarter campaign last month and people jumped at the chance to collect his awesome rewards.

As of now, Nick and Andrew Morgan have raised $9,000 from 126 Backers! Their donations came at a variety of levels with more than 20 people chipping in over $100. As Kickstarter predicts, $25 was the most popular level with the reward of a DVD or digital download, a sticker and a thank you on the website. There are also patches and t-shirts but my favorite reward is the limited-edition Vannin’ Skateboard they offer in collaboration with Character Skateboards.

Nick and Andrew have 50 hours left to raise money for their project and the last day of the campaign is said to the most productive. It would be great to see these good-hearted Chicago guys raise another thousand dollars to make it an even $10k or to go even further. I hope the video below will make you feel the rush of The Final Countdown! If you love vans, documentaries or helping people reach their dreams, please give them a moment of your time.

If you’re strapped for cash, please share their campaign with your friends and family. Also, take a moment to think of someone in your life that would like this project. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you and grateful that they’re in your thoughts. Remember, sharing is caring.

One thought on “Cultivating Generosity: Vannin’

    […] winter. Maria’s still in Los Angeles but I caught up with Chris because he’s editing Vannin’ for Little Cabin Films… Note to those who backed the film, your contribution made a job for this man. We had a nice […]

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