Photo of the Week: Willis Tower

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Willis Tower
We chose this Photo of the Week before the awful events in Boston unfolded this afternoon. We don’t have anything to encapsulate that tragedy so we’ll go ahead as planned. Please note that if we actually had flags, they would surely be at half mast.

I took this photo during the installation of Diana’s sculpture, Under the Table. We de-installed the piece this past weekend so I thought the photo would fit for the week… Now, it’s as good as any other considering the circumstances. If I were to find a new meaning for it today, it would be about community, solidarity, and a path we must travel together. One with an end that’s far out of sight.

Please be kind and patient to those around you in these trying times. I’ll leave you with some wise words that have helped me begin process this trauma. Hattip @CapriceCrane

Mr Rogers

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