Photo of the Week: Self Wash

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Self Wash
I took this self-portrait at a car wash in Hoffman Estates, IL. An error in the developing process left a shadow and flare along the left side but I still like it… probably more than if it’d come out the way I shot it.

I chose this photo for the week because gas prices spiked pretty suddenly, putting the median price for a gallon of regular in the northwest suburbs over $4.25. Something that’s bothered me about the way we deal with this is that gas stations soften the sticker shock by lowering the price with the purchase of a car wash. Petroleum prices rise because it’s a finite natural resource that people need to make a living. To avoid the realities of what our demand does to the market, we incentivize showing our cars with another natural resource. Instead of one that’s essential to our well-being, it’s The One that’s essential to our survival, the one that half the world struggles to obtain.

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