Another Turn Around the Sun

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Today is the second anniversary of the Contreras-Gabriel Project. We launched on May First because it’s a day that workers and immigrant rights activists take to the streets to honor past victories and continue the struggle. If you ask how this relates to art, this Facebook photo by Ginger Steele may help you understand that artists are workers too and we’re fighting to revive our economy.

Photo by Ginger Steele
Photo by Ginger Steele

Team CG celebrates by reviewing our top five blog posts. It’s a tradition we started last May Day.

  • DROUGHT – Aug. 3 – Kristin Cotts sang this parody of an old county song, DIVORCE, and it was twice as popular as anything else we’ve written or produced this year. Mario’s first attempt at writing music stemmed from his frustrations in the garden and the lack of awareness around the drought in the spring and early summer.
  • We Are the Soil! – Apr. 5 – Our next most popular post started as a simple announcement for some gardening workshops by People Made Visible and Design Cloud, but a good friend pointed us toward a TED video by Ron Finley that inspired us to muse on gardening. Thanks, Lori!
  • Merit Award for T-Bone Reed – Sept. 2 – Inspired by the adage “Success is fleeting, failure lasts forever,” we want to gives artists a way to preserve victories so that they become more than just a line on a resume and trophy on the shelf. It warms my heart that this announcement of Todd Reed’s Merit Award from Evanston Arts Center is our third most popular post of the year.
  • Osito’s Winter Expedition – Mar. 8 – The first official post by Osito Contreras was a smash hit! Not only did it nearly surpass our most hits in a single day, it was responsible for the first time that we’ve gone over 1,000 visits in a month. We hit that mark again last month and reached 10,000 page views yesterday. I’ll get more into that in another post though.
  • Cultivating an Art Scene at Pig and Weasel – Mar. 11 – This was a fusion between art and film that took place at the Pig and Weasel in Evanston, IL. It was a huge success and we brought together an eclectic collection of pieces that deal with mending. The blog post piggybacks on that idea and questions the role of artists, curators and audiences in healing the Chicago Art Scene.

Honorable Mentions this year are Mario’s review of Othello: The Remix at Chicago Shakes, the installation video for Diana’s Under the Table, with original music by Matthew King and A Gust of Chicago Tradition is something Mario wrote about his job and his car ride with an idol, Gordon Quinn of Kartemquin Films.

One thought on “Another Turn Around the Sun

    Lori McAuliffe Niemtschk said:
    May 1, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    Congratulations on another year of making awesome happen. 😉

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