Photo of the Week: Firestone Doors

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Ray Manzarek passed away at the age of 74 today. The Doors were one of my favorite bands growing up so I spent some time watching their live performance at the Hollywood Bowl from 1968. I honestly didn’t have a photo lined up for this week until Ray’s death reminded me of this photo. I’ll admit it’s a bit punny but there are also few circumstances in which this photo would be appropriate.

Raymond Daniel Manczarek Jr. was born Feb. 12, 1939, in Chicago, and later simplified the spelling of his last name by dropping the “c.”… In 1991, after Oliver Stone’s film biography of the group came out, Manzarek was openly critical of his portrait of the band. “Oliver Stone has assassinated Jim Morrison,” he said at the time. “The film portrays Jim as a violent, drunken fool. That wasn’t Jim.” – L.A. Times

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