Art at Morton College. Angela Inez Baldus.

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angelaAngela Inez Baldus graduated from Illinois State University in the spring of 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, participating in many shows around the Bloomington-Normal area. Angela has also shown in Norfolk and New Haven, Connecticut in conjunction with her time spent at the Yale Norfolk School of Art in 2010. She is currently living and working in Peoria, Illinois.

Angela layers meaning and materials as a way of resolving issues she’s in the process of understanding. Her practice involves working with existing images and their poetic history, providing the viewer with a whimsical window into her thought process and aesthetic vision. By bringing together and isolating these images, she creates clusters of messages for the viewer to scan and interpret. Whether complex or simple, these messages can transform into clear moments of understanding or simply, a cluster of beautiful images and materials that exist together.

Building C. First floor. Across from the bookstore.

Curated by Diana Gabriel

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