BNV2013 – They’re Better Than Were

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I was lucky to be at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts a few weeks ago for Brave New Voices, an annual slam poetry competition run by Youth Speaks. Dimitri Moore, head of the BNV Online Crew, invited me to manage their footage and edit short videos. He coordinated over a dozen young photographers and videographers from a handful of Chicago youth media organizations through 5 days of live poetry. I was locked in a dungeon, unable to experience the action for myself but the footage that came through gave me hope for the human race. I posted a whole bunch of videos to The Youtube that I’ll share over the next few weeks.

This is the second most viewed video from the Quarter Finals round of the competition. Enjoy.

Each successive generation seems to be making progress in changing attitudes when it comes to race… They’re better than we are. They’re better than we were on these issues. – President Obama

3 thoughts on “BNV2013 – They’re Better Than Were

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