Blossoming Chicago

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Our photos from Expo Chicago are on Sixty Inches from Center but we also wanted to show more of the art festivals that blossomed around the city last month. Edition was the first official satellite festival that sprouted from Expo at Chicago Artist Coalition in the west loop. We caught up with Angela and Maria of Abryant Gallery, Johnathan of Menneken Press and the TV-famous Robert Brunier. We also encountered the Community Supported Art that Threewalls started by borrowing an idea that farmers have used for years.

The ground floor of an old factory on Cermak was the site of another sprouting art fair called Fountain. We found Diana’s old classmate, Corey Hagber, of Fatherless and colleague, Zach Mory of Frozen Charlotte Press. We also crossed paths with Tempestt Hazel, curator of Diana’s latest installation at The Salon Series. The resourceful and organic nature of that piece really feels serendipitous with the way our creative ecosystem came alive this weekend.

Check out Tempestt Hazel’s favorite pieces from Fountain.

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