Art at Morton College. Jesse Howard.

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Jesse Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ball State University, with a major in Commercial Art and a minor in Business Administration. After briefly working for a topographer and finding the work too mechanical and client based, he took a different career path into business.  He has exhibited with the Chicago Cultural Center, 5+5 Perspectives In Black Art, has also been a resident of the Ragdale Foundation, and a 3Arts nominee.

Howard uses traditional media such as charcoal and water color to illustrate the plight of the homeless and disenfranchised. His themes often present an image of African American males as he sees them in Chicago urban settings. Jesse employs the physical and emotional observations of that urban setting into his art practice. Those observations may include graffiti written on a newspaper stand, the sound of an L train, the chatter of college students, a half burned cigarette, the homeless begging for food and money, and the people ignoring them.
The intellectual and cultural diversity of the Chicago downtown college community serve as a back drop for his work. The differences in the students have a profound impact on how they relate to one another on a daily basis. This new college community primarily comprises of Asian, African American, Middle Eastern, and middle class White students.
These students, some of which recently completed the GED, are interacting with the homeless either on a conscious or unconscious level; the homeless are definitely part of their environment. Jesse hopes that through his art and lectures, he can engage the college community to recognize the homeless and disenfranchised as more than a shadow in a point in time through their existence.

Jesse’s work will be up from 3.3 through 3.28 at Morton College. 3801 S Central Ave
Cicero, IL  Building C. First floor across from the books store.

This exhibition is free and open to the public.

Curated by Diana Gabriel

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