Art at Morton College. Casey VanHecke.

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Casey VanHecke grew up in Moline, Illinois. She received her BFA in painting at Illinois State University in 2013. Casey currently resides in Chicago, IL and has been exhibiting her work in the city and throughout Illinois. She is the Co-curator of Best Friend’s Gallery.

Casey’s small scale oil paintings are quick and innocent gestures of moments in her life.  Her pieces could be described as nostalgic and delicate but with a detachment that we often think of in digital snap shots or the way children relate to their drawings. This is reinforced by her chosen scale and the way the paintings are composed on the canvas.
As we install the show, she can pinpoint exactly where the image from each piece comes from and how it relates to her life. Sometimes they are memories of places she’s been or things she’s consumed; some are things that humor her about her everyday surroundings.
I imagine her sitting down and quickly painting one of these small canvases, the same way we write down ideas of something we thought funny or a lovely moment in our life, just to keep a memento. But her paintings feel as if those moments were urging her to record them so they are not forgotten. In that way, Casey is archiving her life and experiences, but instead of jotting it down in a journal or a crumpled up piece of paper, she does it oil paint on a canvas.

Casey’s work will be up from 3.3 through 3.28 at Morton College. 3801 S Central Ave
Cicero, IL  Building C. Second floor across from Student Union.

This exhibition is free and open to the public.

Curated by Diana Gabriel

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