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I’d been tinkering around with the notion of a music video for quite some time, but it wasn’t until a happy convergence occurred — meeting Dimitri Moore of DWM Producing — that tinkering turned into craft. When we met for the first time to brainstorm ideas for the music video for “Before the Water Comes” (a single I had recently released), he and Naomi Moore, his wife and partner in crime, were nothing short of an inspiring blast of energy.  Being a rather electric person myself, I was thrilled to have met two people who could take in my energy and excitement and also ask me grounding questions–everything from logistics to my intended meaning behind the recurring “find my way home” lyric. I had never before made a music video, so all of this was like a sort of scavenger hunt for me. One idea would lead to another, and as we explored that idea, another would gracefully emerge as though it had been there all along, just humbly waiting to be uncovered.


We are at the very top of the Marin Headlands in San Francisco, overlooking the hills and the water as the sun creeps down. We’ve already been shooting for some time, so a gaggle of tourists from various places (I could hear at least three languages being spoken) have gathered and are accumulating, watching what this girl in head-to-toe off-white could possibly be doing, dancing around and singing in front of a camera while intermittently jumping up and down, giggling and doing the motor-boat with her lips (my way of releasing the nerves). We know we only have a few minutes of good light left, and that this is our last locale, so Dimitri looks at me and says, “This is it. Just. Let. Go.” And I do. For a moment I open my eyes to see someone holding up an iPad, so before the self-consciousness can creep in, I close them again and let the music, my words, my voice, wash over me. (Trust.) Dimitri usually gives gentle direction, but in these last few minutes he says nothing, and I am elsewhere. When the song ends, I open my eyes to dusk. Dimitri is grinning. “THAT…was it!”   IMG_20140726_123604

Indeed, we ended up using a good portion of that footage for the official video.  It was through this last experience that I was reminded of what seems to be a universal law in art: planning is often important, structure can be key, but spontaneity is where the magic happens…

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