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What Matters (better late than never)

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Last year was an eventful one for Team CG. We started up the year with awesome shows like Present Standard at the Chicago Cultural Center curated by the wonderful artists, Josue Pellot and Edra Soto. This show served as a contemporary survey of Chicago Latinx artists and was also one of the best curated shows of 2016. The images below were taken in front of Diana’s piece, Fleco.

See the following links for more press, images, and info on the show:

The Annual at Chicago Artist Coalition, also curated by Edra Soto ran at the same time as Chicago Art Expo. It was a big weekend in Chicago with lots of art to see and artists to meet! See images of both events here:

The StArt Up Art Fair was another very interesting event happening at the same time as Expo and The Annual. Artist and art guru, Paul Klein talks to artists, Edra Soto, Magalie Guerin, Juan Angel Chavez, Jenny Lam, and Tom Torluemke about What Matters. What are some of the core concepts that matter to this diverse group of relevant Chicago artists, and how money, professionalism, and community impact their practices.

Lastly, we wanted to dedicate this post to Diana’s aunt, Emmita. She was a mother to those of us who who needed one. Always there and up for anything. She was a friend, art supporter, and a late blooming artist, herself. Her parting was devastating but the void in our hearts will overflow with all of the beautiful memories and love she left for us. Rest in Peace.

Emmita with Sabina Ott’s ‘Because Mountains Are So High’ at Chicago Art Expo

Shameless Promotin’

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For the last couple of weeks most artists, including both of us from Team CG, have been participating in the Art Exchange Game. Post 3 pieces everyday, for 5 days and nominate 3-5 (depending on the person who nominated you) other artists to do the same. The rules are muddy but the intent is clear: to give artists the space to promote themselves shamelessly, expand our networks and see what everyone’s up to. The byproduct of this experiment is an undeniable demonstration of talent to proves there’s not short supply here. Anyone with a platform for artwork should feel like a kid in a candy store right now.

Thank you to Kelly Riker for the nomination. Good luck to Amy Babinec, Anni Holm, Angela Bryant, Lauren Turk and Todd Reed. We’re looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.

Diana Gabriel

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Day 1. Piece 1. Ciclos @ Chicago Artists Coalition10392431_10155279383480556_8628069284309925468_n 10494725_10155279382580556_3236377378313013616_n 1278892_10155267089935556_4134771930266014063_o

Day 1. Piece 2. Projections @ Bridgeport Art Center

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Day 1. Piece 3. Sonic


Starving Artist – Diana Gabriel’s Ciclos

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This Saturday June 21, 2014, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm
217 N. Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL 60607

“One of Chicago’s most eclectic and popular events, Starving Artist pairs the city’s most inspiring visual artists with its most innovative culinary talent for a night that will delight your senses and help raise funds for Chicago Artists Coalition.”

Team CG’s Diana Gabriel has been paired with Chef Chris Pandel of Bristol and Balena. Bristol is an American restaurant focused on local food. “The menu features handmade pasta, charcuterie, farm-fresh produce, and a nose-to-tail approach to cooking.” The focus of their collaboration will be centered on the idea of cycles, which fits his local food practice and the concept for her piece, Ciclos.

There will also be installation work by Luftwerk, Alexandra Noe, and Edyta Stepien. These artists will be collaborating with Chef Matthias Merges of Yusho, Kyle Peterson of Fulton Market Kitchen, and Jared Van Camp of Element Collective. Guests can also taste cocktails by Revae Schneider of Femme du Coupe, Brian Sturguleski of Fulton Market Kitchen, and Jason Brown of Kinmont.

There’s only four days left to get your tickets!